Night Cramps

There are not very many things worst than when you're tired and need a good nights sleep, than to be woken up with nagging feet, ankle or toe cramps.
You end up stretching, putting you feet against the wall, getting out of bed, plus of course it usually affects your partners sleep as well.
Then, just as it seems better, the other leg starts or the cramp moves to another position.
All in all, not good news.

It would seem that in most cases that night cramps affect especially those over the age of about 55 - 60.

The problem is that in most cases the cause is unknown and a visit to the Doctor would usually end up with Quinine being prescribed.
Should the problem persist or get worst, then other causes may be investigated.

Associated with cramps include excessive exercise, smoking, alcohol,dehydration, an under active thyroid and reaction to certain prescriptions you may be taking. All this would be covered with your GP.

From the above selection, some assistance may be quite obvious; drink healthy amounts of water, stop smoking and cut down alcohol intake.
Once again, all things of a mispent youth !!

Tonic Water is said to help a lot and this is often the case with Sportsman who will often call for some when suffering

Another remedy according to many people is to disolve some salt on the front of your tongue and swallow.

Exercise and sleep positioning though are a major key to reducing cramps.......

Sleep Posture
Try using a pillow at the bottom of the bed to slightly raise and prop up the feet.
Laying on your front and hanging the feet over the end of the bed
Use lose blankets, especially at the bottom of the bed, to avoid the toes pointing downwards and getting tangled.
It is said that placing a bar of soap at the bottom of your bed helps ! I don't know if this is true, but always worth a try.

Stretch your calf muscles two or three times a day. Stand about a foot away from a wall - then keeping the soles of your feet flat to the floor, bend forward to lean against the wall.
Watch the TV when Athletes are warming up and see how they bend one leg making the other straight, then stretching.

Magnesium and Vitamin E help ward off leg cramps, so look into your diet and make sure that these two supplements are taken and kept within your body as long a s possible.
Dietary fat makes magnesium harder to absorb and eating too many sugery foods will simply force your body to use magnesium to metabolize the sweet stuff.
Cola drinks are said to deplete your body of magnesium and calcium.

In any circumstance, should symptons persist, always see your Doctor for any other underlaying reasons.

Cramp really is a pain


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As with anything, if in doubt, ask your Doctor for advice.

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