Food for Depression
High energy foods and good nourishment are said to keep the body and mind in good order.
Some call them 'positive foods' - such as Fish, Chicken, Green Salads, Leeks and of course, all Fruits.
These types of food contain all the minerals and vitamins the body needs for an effective immune system as well.

Patients who change their eating habits and stay away from the quickly absorbed
high-glycaemic-index foods can
feel their mood is far more
consistent, so it’s worth a try.
(Times Online)

Depression: Is it good for you?

Depression, according to recent surveys, could actually be good for you (BBC page).
This is quite an interesting view on the matter and the Article tells us of many 'famous' and successful people who openly suffer from the illness.

Indeed, it would seem that many genius types have worked and thrived better under this state. Stephen Fry, Vincent Van Gough, Sir Winston Churchill and others are mentioned.

Having suffered from Depression myself (and I don't proclaim myself as a genius!), I can see where they are coming from and how the condition can in fact lead you into changes which will better your life.

A Doctor once told me that I should treat it not as an illness, but something which may from time to time come alongside and walk with me for a while. I have found that to be true and handled these times accordingly.

He also told me that to not sleep was actually not as bad as sleeping!
The theory is that if you are worried, the brain is hyper-active and you have difficulty in turning it off to sleep.

The problem with depression is more that the brain wants to turn off and doesn't much like being awake. I recall an incidence about 20 years ago. I was in one of my down situations, so much that I didn't really want to know anything about anything.
Over a couple of weeks it got worse and one Friday night I came home from work, didn't eat, went to Bed and woke up on Sunday morning.
The brain had simply shut down. I don't recall dreaming, just waking up to find I'd missed a whole day - and was still tired!

I was on Anti-Depressants and I got quite upset when everytime I went to the Doctor and he asked me "Are the pills having any affect"?
How was I to know, I wouldn't know what I'd be like without them!
However, it did clear up that time and the spell of 'the good times between the bad' prolonged.

In 1997, in a period of 6 weeks I had a marriage breakdown, a heart condition, then the most awful experience of losing a wonderful, loving and beautiful daughter through a road accident.

My life in that Spring and Summer was turned upside down as well you can imagine. Sure I went to the Doctors, but I had already made up my mind that I would 'get through' this without Pills and went down the Counseling route.

Depression had obviously set in. I didn't want to work, I didn't want to play, I didn't want to talk about, once again - all I wanted to do was shut myself off from reality.

But, it was during this period in which two things happened. One was I found self-hypnosis a great help (see this article) and secondly, I sat down and re-visited my life, it's style, it's purpose and formulated a Plan, albeit a short one.

Maybe change is what you need?

I knew by doing this it probably wouldn't cure anything, but it would be making something positive out of something very negative.
It was through this that I realised that life is a very fine edge. It is something which can go at any moment with or without knowledge of it.

So why spend most of my time wallowing in it - get a life so to speak and it was through this that I made my decision to

downshift from a reliable good income, not have worries financially etc. to a completely unknown entity!

In a way I was actually making a huge gamble in so far as not having good regular income. If it went wrong, surely this was a sure fire way of getting straight back into depression again!

Well, 8 years and half the earnings I was on later, I'm still here to tell the tale.
I honestly can't say I've suffered from depression through making the change. Sure I've had some real sleepless nights wondering how I'm going to pay that final final demand - but I've seen that as a healthy attitude and not a negative one.

So I can see where they are coming from. Depression can lead you to a Crossroads where a change of direction can really work for you and draw out talents you never knew you had.

It should be said that the Survey does not include Severe Depression and that should always be treated by a GP through a correct manner.

But what I would say is that if you do suffer from depression, it will go away, the bad days will become less and you may well find, like me, that it points you to look at yourself, your life and thing's around you which otherwise could have gone missed.

Note: This is a personal experience. Any worries or cares about your health and well being should be put before those with qualifications.

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As with anything, if in doubt, ask your Doctor for advice.

True enjoyment comes from activity of the mind and exercise of the body; the two are united.
- Alexander von Humboldt