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With all the technology there is in this day and age, there are some things which simply cannot be explained and no real 'cure' or prevention method is known.

One of these things are migraines whether it be just a bad sickly headache or the full works with aura, nausea, then the headache.

Some (I for one) often sense a migraine coming on quite a few hours beforehand. Usually this will be general tiredness, lethagy and often sore eyes. The first actual sympton for me is always the aura which will prevent you seeing a certain section of what you're looking at because of a zig-zag / motional shape.
This starts off quite small and slowly spreads bigger and in a curve. After some 20 - 30 minutes this will go. Luckily I don't get the headache often, but usually a feeling of nausea and tiredness which will last up to 6 or 7 hours.

I never used to take anything for the migraines (I would get a cluster of one or two a day for anything up to 4 weeks, then nothing for 6 months). I saw it as just the way it is and occasionally took Pain Killers should I get a headache afterwards.

I first heard about 'Fevrfew' about two years ago and if I felt any strangeness about me, I'd take them. It would seem the migraine would still come but much shorter lived than previous.
My summing up is that I've had an MIR Scan, countless tests and allegy tests etc., but none have ever pointed me to anything specific which causes them.
The only sure fire thing I've noticed is when I was a lot younger and got one after a Mars Bar !

My migraines started when I was about 16 and went on to about 35. Then I had none atall until I was 50. Why the 15 year gap - no one knows - I wish I did !

Migraine and Feverfew

By Lorna Mclaren

Many people today will tell you that they suffer from migraine. Many people however don't really understand what a migraine is and they really just have a headache.

I was surprised to learn that the headache part of a migraine is a symptom of a disease and that to take traditional headache cures eg paracetamol or aspirin will actually make the migraine worse. It also surprised me to realise that migraine can be life threatening.

Although the benefits of feverfew are still being investigated in regard to migraine prevention and alleviation the findings are looking favourable so far. There is a lot of technical jargon involved but basically it can help with relieving spasms of the blood vessels in the brain and therefore if not prevent then lessen the pain of the attack.

Feverfew also is beneficial in combating nausea and vomiting which are often associated with a migraine attack and can make you feel downright miserable in their own right.

Dizziness can also be helped and feverfew can help you get a more restful sleep. It has few side effects and they appear to be very mild. All in all I think feverfew is worth investigating if you are a migraine sufferer, it might just do the trick.

Lorna Mclaren has a website http://www.123-nutrition.com which has useful articles and information on where to buy alternative treatments.

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As with anything, if in doubt, ask your Doctor for advice.

There is nothing more annoying than taking a day off to spend in beautiful scenery, then have a migraine