Create An Exercise Plan That Is Right For You

By Kim Jamieson

Planning an exercise program to optimize women’s health and wellness can be both confusing and difficult to do. These are a few tips and a guideline to plan your exercise program. To see the greatest results you need to eat properly, cut down your calories and fat intake in conjunction with adding an exercise program.

When you are planning your exercise program each workout should include:

Warm-up: A warm-up is five to ten minutes of stretching and light exercise to increase your body’s temperature, circulation and heart rate to prepare your body for exercise.

Exercise: Your exercise plan should include: walking, jogging, running, cycling, inline skating, or an exercise of your choice to get your heart pumping. You need to exercise at least twenty to thirty minutes.

Cool Down: To help prevent post-exercise problems your cool down should consist of five to ten minutes of stretching.

Burning Fat: Burning fat during exercise is relatively easy. To burn fat you must exercise at a lower intensity than you would exercise for cardiovascular fitness and you need to exercise for a longer period of time. During the first few minutes of exercise your body uses easily accessible carbohydrates as its energy source. After a few minutes of exercise the body’s readily available energy source is used up and your body will begin to use stored fat calories as its source.

Cardiovascular Fitness: To achieve cardiovascular fitness you need to approach your exercise routine a little differently. If your goal is to strengthen the cardiovascular system you need to do aerobic exercise.

Aerobic exercise is not just an aerobic class at the gym but it is an activity that requires large amounts of oxygen for a prolonged period of time. This will increase the demand on the heart to pump blood to the muscles, and the lunges to oxygenate the blood. Therefore creating a stronger heart, lungs and muscles. So whether your goal is to burn fat, become fit, and work towards good health and wellness, you need to tailor your exercise to you goal.

Kimberly Jamieson has achieved success in living and maintaining a healthy fit lifestyle and has helped thousands achieve this success by using her fitness, diet, lifestyle and motivation tips. She is committed to helping women‘s fitness, and women’s health and wellness and helping others achieve ultimate health and wellness.

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