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Chicken Breeds - Wyandotte

A beautiful Hen originating from the USA

Silver Laced Wyandotte Picture
kindly authorized to publish by Forum Member 'Willow'.

The Wyandotte, a medium size Chicken, originates from North America in the late 19th. century. There are various varieties and all known for their wide range of colours.

They lay fairly large yellow, pale brown or tan coloured Eggs. On average, resources say to expect between 200 and 240 eggs per annum (but we all know that it's every Chicken to it's own!!).

Because they are usually very fluffy around the vent area, you may find you need to manually wash that area for them, but all in all a very beautiful Bird to have in your Flock.

Wyandotte owners say..

My Dottie is a gold laced Wyandotte. I imagine that like people, they have their own funny and nice ways. Dottie is middle in the pecking order of my 3 girls and can be a bit bossy to the one beneath her. She is also the one who goes broody very frequently but her second one this year that she actually came out of today, lasted only 3 days. When she is in this condition, there is no problem with her when I take her out each day. Very docile but a determined girl when trying to get back onto the nest. - albertjune

I have 2 Blue laced cockerels and 3 blue laced wyandotte hens large fowl lovely girls and lay well. I have been told they go broody a lot but mine never have.- Sandra M.



Photo by Forum Member Luna
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