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Give a friend or yourself a Chicken Gift!!

What better way to rubber stamp your personality with a Chicken themed Gift to friends or family...

The Egg Skelter

It's a pretty long standing joke in the Down the Lane Forum, those who own Egg Skelters and those who don't!! They're a super addition to your Kitchen and an ideal gift for someone you know.

Holds up to 20 medium size eggs. Available in a variety of colours.

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Chicken Gifts for Him

A large selection of affordable Gifts for the man in your life from England Footballer Eggcups to Cufflinks. Witgh gifts like these, he won't be avoiding the Coop Cleaning any more!!

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Chicken Gifts for Her

Gifts which not only include Chickens but other Birds as well. What better way to send a message to your wife or girlfriend than with an Egg Cup Angel or a 'Love me, love my Hens' Keyring!!

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For the Kids

Gifts start from as little as £1.20 for a Bouncy Egg, ideal for Tree presents or Party Packs. Also available in the Kids Gifts section is the highly recommended 'Little Red Hen' Book, but there's a big selection to choose from

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Doorsteps and Doormats

Make a statement around the House with Doormats and Stops. If you want variation, there;'s some other pets included as well!

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Egg Cups and Cosies

A selection of amusing and decorative Egg Cups and Cosies. Once again ideal gifts for friends and family without breaking the egg, sorry, I mean the Bank!!

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Loads more Ideas from Omlet..

Omlet isn't only about Chickens nowadays, they have a great range of Gifts featuring many other Pets such as Cats, Dogs, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters and more. For Birthday and / or Christmas Presents I'm sure you'll find something to suit your needs

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Chicken Theme Gifts on Ebay..

Buy new or maybe pick up a second hand bargain from the World's No.1 Auction Site

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