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The Eco Ark

Eco hen houses made from recycled plastic offer a huge range of benefits and make for a particularly practical and cost-effective alternative to the more traditional wooden coop.

The well thought out Eco Ark, with its unique design and use of almost entirely recycled material is available in a choice of 4 colours and is large enough to house as many as 6 medium sized hens, in a safe and secure environment

Eco Chicken Ark Dimensions

External: 124(w) x 118(h) x 120(d) cm (excluding ramp, including nest boxes)

Internal housing area: 91(w) x 77(h) x 115(d) (excluding nest boxes) = 11.2 square feet. Comes with 3 perches Ideal ark for 4 - 6 chickens


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The Eco Hen House

The ideal unit for those of you who intend to keep 2 or 3 birds at home and want to give them the complete freedom to safely enjoy some exercise as and when they see fit. If your chickens have access to other places to roam, then this coop would be suitable for up to 4 medium sized birds or up to 5 bantams.

Total external dimensions (including nesting box): L 205.5cm x W 75.5cm x 103cm H 81cm
Total run dimensions : 13 square feet (L 167.5cm x W 75.5cm x H 103cm)
Nesting box area : 2.24 square feet (L 33.5cm x W 62.5cm)
Housing area: 3.56 square feet (L 65cm x W 51cm)
Mesh size: 11.5mm x 11.5mm (approx 0.5" square) & diameter of wire in 1.0mm

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The recycled Chicken House

Crafted from almost 100% recycled plastic, this hen house provides an affordable, easy-clean and space-efficient home for your chickens, and is a great alternative to the more traditional wooden chicken coops.

Available in various sizes this premium chicken coop can comfortably house up to 6 hens. It has been precision designed by a chicken-keeper with nearly two decades of experience, so what you'll find is a whole host of well thought out maintenance and safety features, that will make your job of caring for your hens a whole lot easier! Optional Run available.

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