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JOGLE route - Ludlow to Gloucester

Day 16 of my end to end cycle ride

The River Bridge at Tenbury
Family scenes at Tenbury River Bridge

This was a day where I knew I had to follow my plan the whole way and get to Gloucester, there were no options of a town being slightly closer where I could find somewhere in emergency. The weather looked fair to medium and I set off along my Lane route as planned

Once more the day day started quite hilly and by the middle of the day I was slightly worried about getting to Gloucester at a sensible time, but this didn't stop me from stopping to admire some wonderful spots and walk rather than cycle through some of the Villages.

Today was quite strange, I kept on coming accross County Border signs, I cycled in four of them today; Shropshire, Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Gloucestershire (but not necessarily in that order!!)

I had a rare event today - Lunch. Well, not exactly Lunch, but I was passing this Bakery in the pleasant town of Ledbury and saw just about the biggest Cream Slice I'd seen and it was too tempting not to miss! I sat down outside and as always, someone saw the JOGLE writing on my pannier bags and we started a chat. He had been backup / support for his son to do it the previous year and seemed quite mystified as to why I was doing it alone. I could have said "Because I want to", but he was a nice chap and we spent 15 minutes or so chatting before the baby he was obviously looking after started screaming!

This was a 100% Lane day until I got to the immediate outskirts of Gloucester where I picked up my bicycle and scrambled down the bank to the edge of the River where there seemed to be a Path. It was actually Cycle Route 41, another 'lucky break' !

This led me into the City and after asking a few people found a B&B not too far away. Again it was too far to walk for a Meal and the Pub nearly opposite didn't look so good. More pre-prepared Salad and unhealthy after's!

The weather forecast for the next day was terrible, regret to say, for once in a while - they get it right!

JOGLE - just south of Tenbury
Trying to do an arty photo. Didn't come off did it!

Cycling through Ledbury
Just before my Cream Slice in Ledbury

Cycling from Ledbury to Bromyard
On my out of Bromyard

Old Docks at Gloucester
Going past the old Docks and into Gloucester City Centre

Norwegian Flag on Allotment ?

End to End
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