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JOGLE route - Tain to Kiltarity

Day Four of my end to end cycle ride

First of all, you will see that the Garmin only covers from Tain to Alness. I don't know what happened, either the battery or it was when I went into a Shop and it must have auto shut off. However, I had a normal Bicycle Computer with me and that said 39.2 miles at the end of the day!

A Lane in Kiltarity Scotland
A stroll down the Lane outside my Bed and Breakfast in Kiltarity. It was at 10.40pm. Late June offers you long daylight hours.

It was another dull and fairly cold start from Tain and after looking at the map for options, decided it was best to cycle down the A9 for a while and turn at Alness. Although this part of the A9 is busy, it's wide and there is a gap between the carriageway and verge. Whilst going along here I noticed I was coming up to 100 miles in total, so took the photo on the right. I decided this to be a fairly good idea and kept to that system for the rest of the trip.

After leaving the min road it was a very pleasant trip. I stopped at Alness for a Coffee (I said there's a lot of those!) and again got chatting with a local who told me he too was a keen Cyclist, but hadn't owned one for 30 years!

The countryside from then on could have been Kent as it was Scotland, low hills, tree lined routes and quite populated. Beauly is a very attractive town, one street but quite busy and characteristic of that area.

After there it was starting to get hilly again and you could once more see a change in the landscape.


My Bed and Breakfast that night was in a really narrow lane fairly out the way with, lovely views of the surrounding countryside. All the time you're picking up little things which go into the memory bank. Here for instance, the owners of the B&B keep Chickens and they extended their Run through to the neighbours field who charge them six eggs a week for the land!

Beside a few saunters up and down the Lane, there wasn't really much to do, so I settled down to some TV and a relatively early night. As always, a cold comes just as you don't want it and I had the sniffles. This was slightly scary and I worried about all sorts of things happening to me that night and how it could really slow me up.

I woke up the next morning, but felt much better for a good night's sleep and all was well.

JOGLE - 100 mile landmark
100 miles reached at the Church of Rosskean (A9)

Cycle stop at Beauly Scotland - JOGLE
A welcome break in Beauly, very pleasant except the screaming kids sitting 2 benches down!

Hills just south of Beauly in Scotland
The once more changing landscape between Beauly and Kiltarity

My Bed and Breakfast

End to End
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