Nature springs to life in Bishop’s Waltham

I say magnificent May for the reason the weather got warmer, wildlife very active and some hope after the Lockdown ending to a certain extent.
To get to the more tranquil places around here you first have to walk through more the Dog walker, Cyclists and Jogger parts of the countryside and through the past few weeks I’ve got to meet same faces daily and have a quick chat. What’s very noticeable is the amount of people speaking about what’s around them. I guess that not going to work so much and the need to get out more has brought about the will to appreciate and learn and indeed I still have a lot to learn !

Swallow feeding it's young
Two of many Swallows Bishop’s Waltham

After weeks of walking around the locale I’m getting further afield now with trips to Titchfield Haven, Hook-with-Warsash on Southampton Water. Of the two, the latter is better, to get to the Beach and the protected area means a 400 meter walk from the car thus avoiding the crowds on the more popular beaches and Ice Cream Vans !

Green Woodpecker    Sedge Warbler    
Green Woodpecker – Sedge Warbler – Skylark (Hook-with-Warsash

The Garden here is also very active, especially with the young Starlings from their nest in the Gutter above plus occasional visits from Long Tailed Tits, Goldfinches and the Great Spotted Woodpecker which for some reason loves the tree in the neighbours garden at the back, there every day without fail !

Young Starlings
Young Starling causing havoc on the feeders

Blackcap – Hook-with-Warsash

Hopefully the rush of people going to the surrounding popular beaches won’t be the start of another Virus surge and life can get back to normal, Nature has moved ‘onwards and upwards’ over 5 or so weeks of partial rest.
The air is cleaner, the importance of nature has come to light. Long may it be so !


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