Fox in the Garden

Since my post on 2nd. August where I mentioned we are being visited by a somewhat poorly underfed Fox I’ve been feeding her a sachet of Poultry Cat Food up the garden every night. This in turn has forced me to rethink the Hedgehog Food as old Foxy was grabbing their’s as well. Hoggy’s food […]

Fox in Garden

I’ve been noticing Fox droppinga around the Garden for a couple of weeks now, not surprising really as one usually takes up territory around here, but I have been concerned with the poo I’d seen, very dark and just a few seeds and the odd Berry inside. Then a couple of nights ago I saw […]

Jay under Bird Feeders

Although there are only 8 species of Birds in this video, around and about there is so much activity, mainly revolving around the Fledglings. The Woodpeckers appear to have hatched two young one’s and there’s ample families of Coal Tits, Great Tits, Blue Tits, Robins and more – more common Garden Birds that is. Thus […]

Hedgehog eating cat food

A few weeks ago we had two Hedgehogs visiting us, one big one and one very big one. As I’d found them mating not long before I presumed the larger one was pregnant and presume now she’s found somewhere to have her young. The other one however, presumably the male is still visiting nightly, so […]