Red Kite from below

Increase of Red Kite sightings in Bishop’s Waltham In a few weeks time I will have lived in Bishop’s Waltham for three years and in the first year I think I may have seen 2 or 3 Red Kites. Just recently however, more and more seem to be appearing, so to see this one close […]

Pied Flycatcher

Migration starts so busy times ahead Hook-with-Warsash It’s always nice to have a highlight of the month and this month was without a doubt the Pied Flycatcher at Hook-with-Warsash. I’d heard there was one about and after a long circular walk spotted it in a residential street on my car back to the car. In […]

Red Kite over Wye Downs Kent

The Red Kite is a majestic bird and one who’s survival has been quite remarkable. Shot and hunted to near extinction some 100 years ago, it has been the focus of the World’s longest ever Protection Programme. In 1989 some were imported from Spain and since that time numbers have increased dramatically. A good area […]