Blue Tit looking out of Bird Box

The second part of May continued to be good for wildlife down the Lane and the fields below; the House Sparrows nesting above the back door fledged and no sooner had they and a second lot started ! Also fledged were the Blue Tits in the Box at the top of the Garden and all […]

Great Crested Grebes courting

In general February has been an especially good month for spotting wildlife both at home and beyond. Highlights though have to be the Waxwings at East Malling and the Bittern at Conningbrook Lakes. As the month has continued, so has the birdsong and the numbers of House Sparrows in my garden are showing a big […]

Speckled Wood Butterfly

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I’m sure there aren’t so many Butterflies this time last year. My fear is that with the warm end to Winter which caused quite a few wildlife species to come out early, some were not strong enough when we had the very cold snap in April? Speckled […]

Jay under Bird Feeders

Although there are only 8 species of Birds in this video, around and about there is so much activity, mainly revolving around the Fledglings. The Woodpeckers appear to have hatched two young one’s and there’s ample families of Coal Tits, Great Tits, Blue Tits, Robins and more – more common Garden Birds that is. Thus […]


17th.May With the weather quite good I managed a few hours to have a walk around the shoreline and venture along the footpath toward where the Estuary meets Southampton Water. Many of the Waders have now dispersed, just a few Terns, Mallards and Teal about. The Jay On to the Woods then! It was nice […]