Brent Goose

Visiting family in Southampton has the added bonus that it’s close to the River Hamble as it goes into Southampton Water at Warsash, always a good spot for Waders and other coastline / wetland birds, especially through the Winter Months. A visit there at high tide this week gave sightings of over 200 recently arrived […]

Meadow Pipit at Dungeness

I arrived at RSPB Dungeness at 0945., clear, sunny, no wind and zero degrees. Earler I had ensured I had ample clothing; on top I had 2 T-Shirts, 2 Jumpers, a Shirt and my thick 100% Wool Nepalese Jacket. After about 200 meters, I was too hot ! Meadow Pipit I started off with a […]

Goldcrest in bush Dungeness

Visiting Dungeness always springs surprises, that’s to say, when you think there’ll be a lot around, there isn’t and vice versa. Today was a day where I expected it to be busy; I’d heard about the Cattle Egret, an Osprey, Glossy Iis and more but nothing was seen by me. However, no day out to […]

Samphire Hoe Dover

A sunny and warm English summers day, so rather than going to my usual haunts I thought I’d pop down the 16 miles or so to Samphire Hoe just south east of Dover. Looking toward Folkestone Warren Samphire Hoe is if you like, a striking result of making use of man made land from the […]

Blue Tits eating Peanuts

Blue Tits taking control !         Yellowhammer in Garden – Stonechat, Dungeness – Siskin, Conningbrook Lakes         Reed Bunting, Dungeness – Seal at Warsash – Pintails & Teals, Oare Marshes         Oare Marshes – Nuthatch, Eastwell Lake – Merganser, Eastwell Lake         Great Egret, Rye Harbour – Long Eared Owl, Dungeness […]