Just a page to tell you about the photographic equipment I use when in the Garden or out and about.
I’m not a wealthy man so all are lower to medium budget range, they do the job I want them to and as much as I’d like to spent four grand on a super duper Lens, all is well.

Nikon D7200 with Sigma 150x600mm Lens

Nikon D7200

This is the Camera I use with the telescopic lens below.
As with all things you start at the lowest end but find for some photography you need just a bit more and this Camera suits fast change to various settings, gives more Focus Points and in general is a quicker Camera.

Sigma 150x600mm ‘Contemporary’ Lens

This lens is serving me very well.
I’ve found the secret is not to take pictures with the full 600mm but keep it down a little to 550mm maximum.
Focus kicks in from about 12 feet away and 90% of the Dragon Fly, Butterfly and other smaller creatures are taken with this lens. This works well as only too often we will try and take a close up on macro using a standard lens from a few inches away, you click and it’s gone all ready!


Nikon D5200 with Nikon 18x200mm Lens

Nikon D5200

I brought this Camera second hand solely on the grounds that if out and about taking pictures of both distance, close up and landscapes I didn’t want to be forever changing lens – too slow a process.
This has a swivel viewing screen which is good to double check on stationery things but for something which may move away from you, the D7200 with the fixed screen is a far better option

Nikon 18×200 Lens

For a Nikon this Lens is really good value for money, it covers a wide range of needs from close to distant and ideal for landscapes and smaller scenes.


Panasonic TZ40 Digital Camera    Sony CX320E Camcorder

Panasonic DMC-TZ40 Digital Camera

I’m really happy with this Digital Camera, as I was with two previous Panasonics and would certainly recommend them to anyone just wishing to carry around a smaller camera for every day shots.
It has a 20x Leica Lens and comes out with very good colour and clarity.
I usually use this alongside the D7200 should anything catch my eye which the larger Sigma Lens wouldn’t focus in on or give a wide enough angle.

Sony HDR-CX320E Camcorder

All Videos on this Diary and my YouTube Channel for the last 4 years have been made with this nice HD compact model.
Easy to carry around, lightweight and very fast focusing with a 20x zoom.

Richard Cannon

One big Tip – Always carry a spare fully charged battery for each Camera wherever you go !!

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