View westward from Durdle Door

White Deers and Cliff Top scenes Waking up to a cold, damp and misty morning wasn’t easy so rather than heading off over the Heathland to Arne I thought I’d take a trip over to Durdle Door. I’d been there before, about 15 ‘pre Camera’ years before and remembered seeing Kestrels hovering along the cliffs […]

Dartford Warbler at Arne

Dartford Warblers Day 2 was a special day, I’d photographed a Dartford Warbler from a distance at Minsmere last year but wanting a closer view of one I made it my days quest to find one here at Arne. Dartford Warbler. Bad light so excuse the pixels One of the volunteer RSPB Wardens told me […]

Virginia Creeper mid September

The Virginia Creeper An old boy gave me two Virginia Creeper cuttings about 12 years ago. I’m not exactly the best with Flowers and Plants (if I can’t eat it, I’m useless!!), so I just popped them into the ground and every year since, come September, they give me an enormous array of red.     […]


Beside going to Skomer to see the birds and other wildlife, visiting at this time of the year affords you a glorious array of Bluebells. Those who may have thought these flowers are for woodland only – you are mistaken, a huge carpet covers much of the Island. The one thing that often surpises us […]

Black Tailed Godwit Warsash

If you enjoy watching or photographing Waders, Geese and most other Birds then Warsash / Hook-In-Warsash are certainly two great places to visit. Being only a short drive from my daughter’s house in Netley, I always find time to pop over there for a few hours, never disappoints. Black Tailed Godwit If the tide is […]

Close up of Otter

October afforded me a few days to spare so I decided to make a 3 day trip up to Minsmere staying at a campsite next door to now renowned RSPB Reserve. A delightful time occasionally interrupted with the odd shower and strong winds. Like most keen wildlife enthusiasts I was after a few ‘firsts’ and […]

Young Slow Worm

The weekend started with meeting up with the very knowledgeable birder Neil Burt (See Neil’s Twitter Page) at Conningbrook Lakes. Regret to say that whenever you arrange to meet someone the weather’s bad, but the rain eased at 7.45pm and we had a look at the Little Egrets coming in to roost on the Eco […]

Tench swimming with Chub

A hundred years ago there were three Mills down the Lane here in Kennington Kent 1. Windmill 2. Steam Mill and 3. Water Mill. All three Mills closed quite a while ago and when that happened, the MillPond was shut of and the Stream which flows from Eastwell Lake to The Great Stour was diverted […]

Stoat interested withcamera

The night before I visit Dungeness, either RSPB, the Reserve or Beach I will always look at other peoples Blogs to see what they’ve seen and often giving me a good guide as to where to Search. For quite some time I’ve read of a Stoat being spotted, even a family seen and photographed along […]