Serotine Bat

A cold winter’s day full of surprises After a long walk on my ‘south patch’ which didn’t prove very productive except good fresh air, I thought I’d pop into the ruins of Bishop’s Waltham Palace grounds to have a peep there. Surprises in wildlife watching cease to amaze me. I thought from afar it was […]

Common Buzzard close up

Birdwatching along the banks of the River Hamble I often link going to Warsash to link in with seeing my daughter at her workplace in Hamble. I park the car in the free car park and catch the Pink Ferry over the river to Hamble, this saves a 20 – 25 minute drive and paying […]

Lockdown begins, bad for us, good for nature After some weeks of the Coronavirus Pandemic spreading itself across the U.K., the Prime Minister announced what would be a virtual shutting down of the Country, we were told to stay at home with only essential shops remaining open. Luckily we were allowed daily outdoor exercise and […]

Late March, the first sightings of Butterflies As usual, the first Butterfly to appear was the Orange Tip, one day you saw one, the next day, a dozen! After that along came the Peacocks, Speckled Woods and Small Tortoiseshells. Claylands Nature Reserve, just a 300 meter walk from me, has some very nice ‘wildlife maintained’ […]

Common Buzzard Kent

Buzzards buzzing and busy! I’ve been trying to photograph the young Common Buzzards for a few weeks now, my attempts of finding them in the wood opposite was a failure. Then, after several rushes for my Camera after hearing them flying above, I finally got to get a few shots this morning It would seem […]

Common Buzzard in Field

We get quite a few Common Buzzards around here, in fact there’s a large Nest in the Woods 50 meters away where I’m hoping some new ones will be born next Spring. Today I did my normal walk around the Patch, two and half miles and nothing to either see or photograph really, mainly Blackbirds, […]

Male Common Buzzard

Yesterday I went for ‘the long walk’ around my patch, down the Lane, over the fields to the River and back. Besides the Fieldfares there was very little about either with Birds or other wildlife. I got home and thought I’d wrap up, pull out my Garden Chair and see what comes along – it […]

Young Male Chaffinch

The last few days of the month have welcomed back a few birds down the Lane. First it was the Chiffchaffs and Grey Wagtails and now the Pied Wagtails, some Chaffinches, Lapwings and the always welcomed Fieldfares. The Fieldfares arrived last Sunday, about 30 or 40 to begin with, then the following day,probably 150 came […]


It’s supposed to be Autumn but with a temperature of 32.5 degrees centigrade today, it felt like mid Summer in the Med. With the heat in mind I thought I’d just sit under the Laural Tree and see what comes along. As always, nothing disappoints, there’s always something that catches your eye and hopefully makes […]