Two Swallows resting

It really is a good time of the year for bird migrants and to see two Swallows sitting on the Cables at the end of my Garden this week was a real joy. They have been seen in Dungeness and other coastal places for a couple of weeks now, but over their rest for a […]

Blue Tit on top of feeders

Due to a heavy cold and an unwanted episode with my herniated disc, I got myself into action today for the first time in 2 weeks. That’s to say, no further than a 50 meter distance of my Garden, but it was nice to get outdoors, brush the dust off both myself and the Camera […]

Sandwich Tern with Fish

Rye Harbour A nice sunny and relatively mild day gave a good time at Rye Harbour Nature Reserve, then on to Parkwood just north of Appledore. Sandwich Tern in a hurry with it’s Lunch Star attraction at Rye were the Sandwich Terns busying themselves collecting fish from the Sea, at great speed I should add. […]