With the weather being cold one day, mild the next, wet the next and windy the next, the Birds seem to be in a constant state, maybe like us humans, in constant confusion as to if it’s December or Spring !

Caspian Gull RSPB Dungeness
Caspian Gull

RSPB Dungeness

The main Reserve area was very active with Waders and other Wetland Birds with the highlights being Caspian Gulls seen very well from the Firth Hide and a male Kestrel who sat rather nicely on a tree beside the gravel road leading up to the Reserve Shop and Offices.
Also around this area were probably 600 Cormorants and a good mixture of Ducks and Geese

Cormorants on Trees
Some of the many Cormorants

I passed some Bewick Swans in the fields north of the Reserve., but being not the best place to safely stop, I hoped to see them fly into the ARC.
I drove there, but owing to some work going on plus a bonfire on one of the Islands, there was nothing there.
On that note I have to say a good word for the Interns, so nice to see young people doing work which they both enjoy and work which is beneficial to the future of Wildlife.
On a political note, what a shame that these youngsters study something that’s close to their heart rather than study something which is close to their wallet. They can’t earn a lot, so all respect to them.

Kestrel watching from tree
Male Kestrel

After that I drove down to the Power Station and parked the Van next to the Old Lighthouse; nothing around there, or in the shrubs / Gorse lading up to the Boird Observatory.

Great Black Backed Gull

All in all, not a special day for spotting anything, but offset by a fairly dry and light day.

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