Another nice surprise

Conningbrook Lakes is definitely coming up with a few surprises at present, in the last few weeks I’ve seen a Goldcrest close up, a Bittern and now Egyptian Geese.

Egyptian Goose at Conningbrook Lakes

Fair enough they’re not endangered, not are they ‘official’ but the fact remains that up to a few years ago they were only seen in Norfolk, but now for whatever reason they’re being spotted more and more in the Home Counties.

Egyptian Goose landing

Once again it had been a walk over the fields and eagerly anticipating something on the Eco and main Lakes, it wasn’t until I got back to the Northern Lake did I get today’s nice surprise.

I was actually standing quite still with eyes peeled to see if I could catch the Bittern in full view when I heard the sounds of heavy wings flying overhead.
I knew what they were straight away as someone else had spotted them on the nearby fields some weeks ago. There were three of them.

Wren silly walk

As always, a rear view shot, but in some ways better because it shows their feathers and assortment of colours up quite well.

Other than that it as all quiet on the western front. A couple of Stonechats were resting on the telegraph cables next to the railway line and a Wren was doing a Monty Python silly walk along the barbed wire barrier fence.

Every day produces something.

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