It’s a joy coming downstairs in the morning, opening the Kitchen Curtains to be given the view of 15 plus birds around the Feeders; House Sparrows, Dunnocks, Coal, Great, Long Tailed Tits, the regular as clockwork Great Spotted Woodpecker and occasional visits of Goldfinches and Chaffinches.
Needless to say this also attracts the odd Rat and Squirrel, but with ample woodland for the Squirrels and a Stream opposite, neither can be successfully shooed off. They are wildlife as well of course !

Great Spotted Woodpecker at Fat-Balls

Female Blackbird at Fat Balls

Three Buzzards make an appearance almost daily and the Sparrowhawk is never too far away, although he or she is more interested in the large amount of Pigeons we have in the derelict Mill opposite.
Four legged wise I’m pretty sure the Hedgehog (or Hedgehogs) has gone into hibernation. I’m hoping it’s in the House I built for them under the Laurel bush, one hibernated there last winter but I’m inclined not to look as it may disturb things and don’t want them wandering off anywhere in this cold snap.

Firecrests at Chilham


I’ve only seen Firecrests at Dungeness. Whilst visiting someone in Chilham I happened to look out of the window and saw two flitting around a rather dense bush.
I only had my little Digital Camera so not the best of photos, plus they don’t sit still for more than about two seconds !

Pied Wagtail

Due to a sudden appearance of a Hernia which is giving jip plus somewhat troublesome hips through my herniated disc I’m confining myself to Barracks more than I usually do.
So birds, if you want a photograph taken, you know where my Garden is !!

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